Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy's Girl♥

We took these pictures at the zoo a couple of weeks ago and when we got home I remembered that I had taken almost the exact same picture when Riley was about 10 months old!

Riley and Daddy a couple of weeks ago!

This one was taken when Riley was around 10 months old. She was always so sweet & cuddly!

I love these ones too:

She loves her Daddy!


BeccaJane said...

she's soo cute!!!

Rasmussen Forever said...

Oh my cuteness!!! Those photos are almost exactly alike. Crazy, Riley's so beautiful.

Angie said...

those are so precious.

Kyle and Janel said...

These pictures are really so cute!

Western Warmth said...

Yes, add me to your list! I love VG blog stalking! --Bobi--

Eli, Trieste, and The Gals said...

missy, that is so cool you have those pictures of riley and her dad when she was younger! i am very impressed! isn't it amazing how fast time flies!