Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Gardens

A couple of days ago I took the boys to the Lauritzen Gardens while Riley was at school. Ryan and Cooper both had a fun time. Ryan really likes watching the trains, and Cooper had fun walking around and exploring.
It has been nice spending time with my boys during the day, but it's still kind of strange going places without Riley! I miss her, but I know she is having a great time at school.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cooper and Riley

Riley just finished her first week of Kindergarten and she is loving it! I think it's been a bigger adjustment for me than it is for her. I really miss her during the day! I thought she'd be tired after spending all day at school, but right when she gets home she starts asking me if she can go to her friends house to play. That girl has so much energy! I have some pictures from her first day of school that I'll put up soon. For now I wanted to post these pics of Riley and Cooper from the other day.

Cooper loves being outside!

My little sweetheart!

Cooper just makes me smile every time I look at him.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ok, so I am WAY behind on my blogging! I still have so many pictures I wanted to share from our Utah/Colorado trip last month but I have been super busy with my Lily Puff Designs blog. I have been doing a total makeover on that blog and it is taking up a lot of time! I finally finished my new header a few days ago. You should check it out and tell me what you think! I am going to start offering custom blog designs in September so I'm getting excited to get my little business going!


It was pretty hot in Utah and so the kids spent a lot of time swimming in my parent's backyard. I think Riley could have stayed out there all day if we let her! Ryan and Cooper had a really fun time, too.

Here's Cooper getting ready for some serious swim time :)

He didn't play as long as the other kids but he sure had a fun time!

They love playing with their cousins!

He liked playing with the cup but he kept on trying to drink the water, haha.
I love my little water babies!


This is Ginny. She was our first family pet. In May 2009 we received a letter from Village Green telling us that we could no longer keep her in our townhouse. For six months I tried to find a way to keep her, but we ended up having to find a new home for her. On January 1st of this year she left us to live with her new family. The couple seemed really nice and they sent me a text two weeks later saying that they were loving Ginny. Everything seemed okay. I sent a few emails over the months asking how she was doing, but I never got a response. Then last week I was thinking about Ginny and decided to send another email, hoping I would get a response.

Here is the email I sent:

Hello! I was just wondering how Ginny was doing! Do you think you'd be able to send any pics? If not that's okay. I hope she is loving her new home and thanks again for adopting her!

They didn't write back right away so I wasn't expecting to hear from them, but a few days later they sent me this response:

She got really sick about a month later and died.

That's it. That's all they said. No explanation, nothing. I couldn't believe what I was reading. How could a perfectly healthy kitty just die a month after they took her? I cried and cried. I felt so guilty for not trying harder to keep her. I still feel guilty. I wish I would have done more to keep her with our family. I'm really sad and heartbroken but I'm sure I'll start feeling better over time.

I was looking at some old pictures and videos, and this one made me smile. Ginny would always try to jump onto the ledge of the window but she never could. She couldn't even jump onto the couch, haha. And Ryan is pretty adorable in this video. He kept saying that "voldemort" was out in the forest and then he would get this scared look on his face. Anyways, here's the video:

Here's more of Ryan's scared's pretty dang cute, haha:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Utah Birthdays

Birthday boys!

I love this picture of Grandpa with all his grandbabies.

I need to write more about our Utah trip before I forget everything! This week has just been so crazy and I haven't had much time to do it. Tomorrow should be a good day to get some blogging done :)