Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Riley's School

I have so much I want to put on the blog! The past little while has been a little crazy. We've been in Utah for a couple of weeks now. We are glad to be back, but we are really missing Omaha. I think one of the hardest things about moving was that Riley wasn't able to finish out the rest of her school year at the Zoo Kindergarten.

It was was so hard for us to say goodbye to her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Callahan. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for my little girl.  She loves all the kids in her class so much and they love her, too. Riley has learned so much this past school year and has made so many good friends. It broke my heart to have to take her away from all of that. But I am grateful for all the experiences Riley was able to have while in that class.

A few days before we moved, my parents were able to come and see Riley's school and meet Mrs. Callahan. Riley showed them around the classroom and then she showed us all around the zoo. She was so cute! She had this one "crazy" duck she had to show us, and she told us the names of all the gorillas. I'm just so glad she was able to have such a great experience in the Zoo Kindergarten!

The kids with Grandma and Grandpa in front of Riley's school.

Riley was excited to show us around the zoo and tell us about all the animals

This picture makes me a little teary-eyed. I just love Mrs. Callahan! She is such a wonderful teacher!

Since being in Utah, Riley has started her new school at Jordan Hills Elementary. She really likes it, but she said she misses her Zoo class. It's been an adjustment  for her since school here is only half a day. The kids in her class have been really kind to her, and she likes the playground they get to play on everyday. She actually is off track right now and so she won't have school again for another 3 weeks...I'm not sure I'm liking year-round school.

Overall things have been going well! I'll try to get some more posts on here soon :)