Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!

Riley had her first day of preschool today! When I went to pick her up she told me that she had fun and that she wanted to see her teachers again. She had a really good time! It's so fun to have her be in school now!

Riley giving a good-bye hug to Ryan

getting ready to go to school!

Showing off her backpack!

Standing in front of her locker

Riley's classroom

Ryan was a little sad when he didn't see his big sister in the seat next to him after we dropped her off at school
It was so weird dropping Riley off at school and then coming home and not having her there all morning. It was so quiet with just me and Ryan! He wasn't sure what to do without Riley there. I think he missed her...he was pretty excited to see her when we went to pick her up!


Rasmussen Forever said...

Oh, how precious! Riley is such a big girl. I love the backpack. Good luck in school Riley, we love you!!!

BeccaJane said...

Wow, she's growing up so fast! Her classroom looks fun, and I love that she has a locker! I'm anxious to put Cam into something next Fall...just to give him something to do! If Ryan is bored, maybe he needs a little brother/sister! Haha, jk!

Missy said...

haha Becca....maybe someday!

Natalie said...

Missy: I can't believe how big Riley is. Paul and I still talk about how she was the cutest baby, and we loved seeing her at church with those cute cheeks! You guys look great!

bonnie said...

She looks cute. That is great that she loves school!