Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween is my favorite holiday. I just love it! I'm glad that my kids really like it, too. I don't think they enjoy it as much as I do, but that's ok :)  This year both boys wanted to be Link from the Legend of Zelda. Ryan wanted to be Blue Link and Cooper wanted to be Black Link (or Vampire Link as he called it, haha). Riley changed her mind a few times. For awhile she wanted to be a  witch, then a kitty, then a kitty witch. She ended up being a kitty monster. It turned out cute :)  Kendall wore my most favorite costume of all time! She wore the bat costume that I first got for Ryan when he was two. I just love that costume, it's so adorable!

During Halloween day we went to Casey's work to go trick or treating there. It was fun to meet some of the people that he works with. The kids liked walking around the building at getting candy :)  They had a fun time!

Treat or Treating in the neighborhood was a lot of fun this year. We went around with Shelly, and the Stapletons, and a few others along the way. It was so cute watching to kids! It was nice weather and everone had a great time.

Getting ready to go into Casey's work

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Riley's Birthday Party

Riley turned 8 years old this year! Crazy! For her birthday she wanted to have a party with her friends and so she invited about 10 of her friends to come and play games and have fun! My mom is the best and came to help out. I'm so glad she was would have been crazy without her, haha! The party turned out great and the kids all had a great time. Poor Coop wasn't feeling that well, but I still think he had a good time. Kendall loved playing with all the kids. She is so cute!

 Poor Cooper wasn't feeling too great, but I think he still had fun

 Having fun!

Kendall was sneaky and got into the cake while Riley was opening her presents, haha :)