Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun

On Saturday Casey took the kids to the Lauritzen Gardens to see the Easter Bunny!

This picture makes me laugh. Ryan didn't really know what to think about the bunny....Casey had to keep pushing him closer so he could get a picture.

Then later that afternoon, Village Green had it's annual Easter Egg hunt down at the playground.

Here's Ryan getting some eggs. He only picked up a couple before he wanted to find out what was inside!

Riley is pretty competitive and so she ended up getting a lot more eggs than Ryan did. She was nice and shared some of her eggs with Ryan :)

Ryan was happy to find that most of the eggs had candy in them.

Riley posing for the camera.

Riley and her best buddy Sadie!

After dinner we colored some eggs!

Here is what the Easter Bunny brought for the kids. The Easter Bunny got a really good deal on the scooters, courtesy of craigslist :)


BeccaJane said...

Gotta love craigslist!! That Easter bunny made me laugh, I'd be nervous too!! Ryan's hair is getting long, I love it! We are growing Cam's hair out for awhile. Glad you guys had a nice holiday!

Cami and Dustin said...

That's fun that they got to meet the Easter bunny! And I love the pictures of them hunting for eggs. :)

todd and jeanette said...

what a great sister to share. how are you doing with the baby? i haven't seen you in such a long time- i hope all is well!

Kamie said...

how adorable! the easter egg hunt reminded me of kasie and I when we were little. Kas was competitive and all I cared about was the candy!!! How cute!

Rasmussen Forever said...

Cute! I love all the photos of the kids. They're getting so big. I'm happy you all had a great Easter.

bonnie and tyler said...

Cute pictures! Rileys hair is getting so long and pretty. You have such cute kids!
Parker is so like minute he is so cute and sweet and the next minute he is a little terror. Well, I am sure Ryan isn't a "terror", but Parker is sometimes.
Miss you guys!