Friday, February 12, 2010

Zelda is the Princess, Not the Guy With the Sword :)

Ryan has been obsessed with "The Legend of Zelda." His favorite thing to do right now is to dress up as "Zelda" {Link} and pretend he's fighting all the bad guys. It's really cute! We've tried to tell him that the name is actually Link, not Zelda, but he seems to like the name Zelda better. We had to buy him a "Zelda" hat at the store so he could dress up. He wears his hat, boots, and gloves, and he uses a little pillow for his shield.

Riley had her Valentines Party at school today. She was excited to pass out Valentines to all of her friends!
Here she is with her Valentines box.

Cooper is finally feeling a lot better. He loves to crawl around and explore.
He is such a sweet little boy! I just can't get enough of him!


bonnie and tyler said...

K that is so funny!! Ryan is so cute! I am not just saying this to write something....but your kids are seriously SO CUTE!!!

Becca Jane said...

Haha, go Ryan! Little boys are so hilarious, the things they manage to come up with!! It just breaks my heart that he & Cam can't play together more often. Thank goodness for blogs....I show Cam your posts and we talk about his cousins a lot so he'll always remember.

Heidi said...

Hahahah that's cute with the sword and the little pillow!

Kasie said...

Those pictures of Ryan are priceless! I hope my kids are half as cute as yours! Oh, and thanks for the blog background :)

Mal said...

HAHAHAH That is so cute and funny! Oh I have the cutest Nieces and Nephews! Oh, I hope we can visit soon! I miss them so much!