Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I didn't take too many pictures this month. Mostly just of Suki and Riley, haha. Riley loves having Suki and takes good care of her. Suki will sit on her lap while she plays the nintendo DS and she sleeps with her at night. She is such a sweet little kitty.

A few other happenings in January:

  • Cooper locked us in the basement. Luckily I found a screw driver and so I was able to pick the lock! 
  • Basketball started this month and so I had fun starting my new calling as the Assistant Stake Sports Director
  • Riley: "Mom, I love you more than anything." Me: (get a little teary eyed). Riley: "Actually, I love you the same as I love Suki." Haha! I'm glad I rank right up there with her kitty!

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