Saturday, March 22, 2008

Village Green Easter Egg Hunt!

Sorry Mom for taking so long to post something new....this post will make up for that because there are a bunch of pictures!

So today Village Green had it's Easter Egg Hunt at the main playground. It was pretty cold today, but both Riley and Ryan still had a lot of fun! Riley was really excited because last night we went to the mall and she sat on the Easter Bunny's lap and we told her that he was going to come and hide some eggs for us at the playground. Here are some pictures:

Riley and Ryan waiting to go outside. They were both really excited!

Waiting for the hunt to begin

Riley's first egg! (it's kind of hard to's the same color as her jacket!)

Running to get some more eggs!

Everyone having fun!

Showing off her basket full of eggs

Now it's Ryan's turn!

He loved putting the eggs in his basket!

Ryan showing off his basket full of eggs!

Ryan and Daddy. My boys are so cute!

Dumping out his eggs!

hmmm, dumping out the eggs sounds kinda fun....


Kyle and Janel said...

Yeah for the village green egg hunt or at least the mad dash of all 500 kids that were there to gather the thousands of goodies! What a sweet older sister to show her brother all her eggs! Haha!

BeccaJane said...

Fun Easter egg hunt! It's such a fun holiday when you have kids!!! We missed you last night at Grandma's house. Cam and Ethan were the only little cousins! We need Riley and Ryan to complete the bunch!

bonnie said...

Too bad it is cold here every year for easter! It was fun though. That picture of Riley dumping the eggs is hilarious!! It made me laugh!