Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A--attached or single? attached

B--best friend? Casey

C--cake or pie? cake

D--day of choice? Saturday

E--essential item? mascara

F--favorite color? pInK

G--gummy bears or worms? worms

H--hometown? West Jordan

I--indulgence(s)? right now it would be donut holes (thanks a lot Casey!)

J--january or july? jUlY

K--kids? RiLeY RyAn

L--life is incomplete without: family

M--marriage date? August 1, 2003

N--number of siblings? One Brother, two sisters

O--oranges or apples? oranges

P--phobias or fears? spiders, the ocean

Q--quotes? "I’m happier when I’m fatter because eating cake makes me happy."-Glenn Beck

R--reason to smile? my family

S--season of choice? fall

T--tag 5 friends: Becca, Mal, Bonnie, Becky, Joelle

U--unknown fact about me? I hate wearing shoes (sandals are ok!)

V--very favorite stores? gamestop, hobby lobby, michaels, barnes and noble, areopostale

W--worst habit? eating by the computer

X--x-ray or ultrasound? ultrasound

Y--your favorite food? curry, oatmeal

Z--zodiac sign? libra

Riley and Ryan like Barnes and Noble, too!

1 comment:

BeccaJane said...

Hey! That's funny cuz I don't think I've ever seen you wear any shoe besides your sandals!!
How is the job hunt going....and aren't you guys coming to Utah soon? Sorry we've been bad at staying in touch!