Thursday, January 14, 2010

Learning How to Crawl

Cooper has been trying so hard to crawl. He's getting so close! He wants to move around and play with Riley and Ryan.

He get's into this position, but he doesn't know how to use his arms yet so he just kinda rocks back and forth.

I love all his facial expressions!

Crawling is SO hard!

Good thing he has a nice brother and sister to help him out and give him encouragement!


Bryan, Becky and Brielle said...

Oh my heck! That is ADORABLE!!! He is my favorite!!!

Mal said...

LOL. I love how Riley and Ryan are in their Halloween costumes! They are so funny. Cooper is getting so big! He is so cute

Luv the Hair said...

No way, he can't be old enough to crawl can he!?! Crazy

The Minert's said...

He is so dang cute, I love all his precious rolls. I love all the pictures! Hopefully i'll see you at volleyball tonight! Summer

Becca Jane said...

Dear Cooper,
I totally understand how you feel. Hang in there.

Becca Jane said... have a blog design site!! That's so cool, you are soooo talented!!!!!

Trieste said...

Let the fun begin! Life gets extra exciting once they're mobile! I love the stage where they lay on the floor like slugs and don't move! At least I know where they are all the time! Hah hah!! That's so great Cooper is on the go!