Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Riley, Ryan, and Sadie had fun throwing snaps and watching Casey light a few small fireworks. When it got dark we drove around and watched all the firework shows around Omaha from our car. Riley will be excited when we get to see some more fireworks on the 24th when we go to Utah!

The kids waited patiently while Casey tried to get the black snakes to work.


Chelsi said...

Hey guys! I'm Chelsi your cousin from the CRAZY Geary side!!! My Grandma Sydney Brenner gave me your blog address forever ago and I just started checking it out!! You guys seem to be doing good. Anyhow email me your email and I can invite you to see my family's blog!

Chelsi said...

Oh, and Happy 4th of July! Have fun coming to Utah for the 24th!