Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Two names you go by: Missy and Puff
Two things I'm wearing right now: grey shirt, and Casey's shorts
Two longest car rides: Any trip home to Utah with the kids is pretty long!
Two of my favorite things to do: Hang out with my family, nintendo
The two things you want very badly right now: go to PF Changs, hang out with Casey
Two animals you have or have had: Ginny, Leo
Two people who will fill this out: Kasie and Kamie
Two things you ate today: Quaker oatmeal squares, soup
Two people you last talked to: My parents, Casey
Two things you are doing tomorrow: playing with my kids, cleaning out my craft room
Two favorite holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving
Two favorite beverages: Sprite Zero, Strawberry lemonade from Red Robin

1 comment:

BeccaJane said...

Oh we SHOULD go to Korean food! Have you guys been before, do you like it?