Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bountiful Parade

here's Megan marching in the parade

Riley had a lot of fun!

after the parade we took the kids on the pony ride

Riley also got to go on this cute little swing ride


Rasmussen Forever said...

Oh my cuteness!!! Riley is getting so big and beautiful. Cute video too! I love the photo of Megan, she is so georgous.

Kamie said...

Riley has one of the cutest smiles I have every seen... she is looking more and more like you everyday!

BeccaJane said...

Missy, that's funny about your comment on my blog because other than yours, I don't think I know any Rileys! Oh wait, just one, but they spell it Ryleigh, which I think is complicated!
I've only met a few other little Cameron's, and I hope it stays that way! Our girl name is super popular, so we will meet tons, but I love it anyway. Our boy names....not so much!!!!!