Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine Fun

For Valentine's Day this year we decided to do something with the whole family. Casey came up with the idea to go to Chuck E Cheese's. I wasn't so sure at first, but I'm glad we ended up going. It was SO fun! I hadn't been the Chuck E Cheese's since I was a little kid {back when it was called Showbiz Pizza}.
Do you remember this?!
 I still remember that black gorilla playing the keyboard...he will haunt my dreams forever, haha.
I still vividly remember this scene from my childhood...and I remember it freaked me out a little.

I wan't sure what to expect when we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's. I didn't know if they still had the freaky animatronic robot band. Well, they did! Just different {and maybe a little less freaky} characters.

Here's Riley and Ryan watching the band play some songs {including songs from Miley Cyrus, Cyndi Lauper, & The Beetles}. I thought they might be scared of the animatronic robot things, but they actually liked them.

It was fun watching the kids ride on the rides, and play the different games. I played some the the games, too :)  I even broke the record in the NFL football toss game and won 100 tickets! I was pretty pround of myself, haha.
Lots of fun memories! It was really one the funnest Valentine's Days I've ever had. Maybe next year we'll do something more romantic...or maybe we'll just go to Chuck E Cheese's again!

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Eagar Five said...

sounds fun! I totally remember "showbiz pizza" It's fun to see those old pictures from our's crazy that we're even that old!