Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Party

I am so glad that my parents were here to celebrate Riley's birthday with us!  On the day of her birthday we took her out to dinner at Red Robin's. She liked it when the server's came to sing the birthday song to her, and all the kids loved getting balloons.
When we got home from dinner, she opened some of her gifts. Cooper and Ryan had fun helping her out. She got a Tinkerbell movie, and some cute clothes from Grandma, and Ryan gave her a Hello Kitty diary.

Here's Cooper with Mei. He loves to carry her around! She is so patient with him, haha. :)

On Friday we had Riley's birthday party at the clubhouse. The kids had fun decorating before the party started!

Riley wanted to draw kitty's on all the balloons. She spent about 20 minutes drawing pictures on as many balloons and she could. She did a great job!

Here's Cooper and Ryan "helping"

Riley and Rylee :) They are so cute. I love all of her friends!

Riley had a great time at her party! After the girls at some pizza they played Bingo. Then we brought out the cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to Riley. She was excited to blow out the candles. After everyone ate their cupcakes we played "kitty, kitty, dog". It's a game that Riley and my Mom made's like "Duck, Duck, Goose", but cuter, haha :)  I think this was the girls favorite part! They were all laughing and having fun. It was cute to watch. After that game Riley opened her gifts from her sweet friends and then we brought out a pinata. Riley had a little meltdown near the end of the party, but all in all I think she had a fun birthday!


Becca Jane said...

(This is Nate) Hehehe..I love the picture of Cooper holding the little kitty!! Awesome. Happy B-day Riley!!

Cami said...

I like the picture of Cooper holding the kitty too, that made me laugh! And I love her Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes, sooo cute! What a darling little girl. :)