Monday, May 23, 2011


These are just about all the pictures I've taken since being in our house. Nothing too exciting going on. We just signed Riley and Ryan up to play T-ball and so that will give me a great excuse to take some more pics! They start the first week in June. I'm excited see them play!

Finishing up breakfast.

I think Riley's favorite thing about being in our new house is that we finally have our kitties back. My mom's wonderful friend Karen took care of them while we were searching for a place to live. Riley missed them so much! Now that we are in our house, she can spend lots of time with Mei and Michiko.

I often find Mei laying on the bed in Riley's room. She loves being with Riley!

Riley told me that Mei was teaching her how to draw.

Cooper likes to cause lots of trouble around the house. He's already broken the screen door, wrote all over the walls, dumped out a whole bag a cat food and spread it into each room in the basement, dumped shampoo all over our carpet....he pretty much just dumps out any container he can get his chubby little hands on. He thinks he's hilarious...and it's hard to get mad at him when he looks at you with his cute little face.

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Amanda Jane said...

Oh those picture of Riley and her kitty are so cute. I love that she was teaching the cat to draw!