Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tee Ball!

Riley, Ryan, and Ethan had their first Tee Ball game yesterday! It was a little chaotic at times, and there were a few tears, but I think everyone ended up having a fun time!

 Cooper really wanted to play! He's going to be a tough little athlete someday!

 Their team is called the Fireballs. They are so cute!

 Here is Riley batting. She said that hitting the ball was her favorite part of the game.

 Ryan up to bat.  I think he will be a good little baseball player someday!

 Riley, Ryan, and Ethan getting ready to field the ball...things got a little crazy when all the kids started going for the ball at the same time!

Cooper liked watching the game. He also kept himself entertained by putting grass in his hair.

 Here's Riley after running the bases. After this she got upset because one of the boys kept on putting grass in her hair.

Here she is pouting while playing 3rd base. She also decided she was going to walk, not run, all the bases when it was her time to bat. She is stubborn like her Daddy :)

 Here's Ethan showing off his awesome fielding skills :)  He is so cute!

 Cooper helped Daddy coach 3rd base for a little while.

Daddy teaching Ryan some awesome base running skills :)

Treat time after the game! Riley was still mad, but she cheered up soon after that and now she's excited for the next game!

Go Fireballs!! :)


marieb said...

She is so cute! but I clearly remember seeing that exact same pout from your face as a little girl before!

Becca Jane said...

Fun!! I love their shirts. Your kids are all going to be GREAT athletes! My kids are athletic too....but no one in my family does anything besides running and ballet, so I KNOW the athletic gene came from the Wood side of the family! Can't wait for Cam to start t-ball in July.