Sunday, January 6, 2008

☼My Little Sunbeam☼

I can't believe it, but Riley is now in Primary! To me, she still seems like my little baby girl. It's weird for me to think that she is old enough to be in the Primary. So today was her first day and I think she had a really good time! I peeked in on her a few times to see how she was doing, and each time she seemed to be having a lot of fun. Her teacher is Sister Cline and she does a great job with the kids. Today they talked about being a child of god. They made little crowns that were really cute and Riley was so happy to show me her crown that she made.
I was kind of nervous before church today...I didn't know how Riley was going to handle the transition from nursery to primary. I'm glad to say that my worries are gone. Sister Cline is so good with the kids...I don't think that any of them had a hard time with the transition. Now I'm just excited! Riley's a Sunbeam!

Ryan wants to be Sunbeam too!


BeccaJane said...

Aww, so cute! I can't believe she is a Sunbeam either! Cam just started nursery, he does pretty well, but then he gets tired and has to be held.

nathalie said...

Hey Missy and Casey! This is Nathalie from the Elms. Rebekah Hanson sent all of us your blog and I was so excited to see it. Your kids are ADORABLE! I cannot believe you have one old enough to be in primary. That is crazy. Anyway, here is our blog