Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Leaving Omaha

So, I'm way excited that we are going to be moving back to Utah in May. It will be so nice to live closer to both of our families. BUT....I'm going to really miss living in Omaha.

Here are some things I'll miss about living in Omaha:
  • My friends
  • My house/Village Green
  • Being able to go to the zoo whenever we want (we've had so many fun memories there)
  • The Children's Museum
  • All the Malls
  • Card Night at the Village Green clubhouse
  • Volleyball on Wednesday nights
  • Being close to Worlds of Fun
  • Being close to Nauvoo and all the church sites
  • The beautiful scenery
  • Downtown Omaha and the Old Market
  • The furniture mart....but I won't miss it too much because when I move I can just go to Ikea
  • The Qwest Center events
  • Wheatfields
  • Music Time at the Village Green clubhouse
  • Hearing the Tornado sirens
  • Not having to worry about traffic
  • The crazy lightning storms
Here are some things that I won't miss about living in Omaha:
  • Being far away from my family
  • The awful humidity
  • Hearing the Tornado sirens
  • Being poor students (although, the "poor" part might not change for a while!)
  • Not being able to watch any BYU games
  • Chiggers! Eww

There's obviously a lot more things that I'll miss about living in Omaha than what I won't miss. Although it's been hard being so far away from family, I am so glad that we were able to spend three years in this wonderful place.

And I'm sure I'll add things to this list as I think of more!


BeccaJane said...

I made a list like that about Korea. I should go find it! I picked up 2 more babysitting jobs, so I watch 2 kids, plus Cameron most days of the week. CRAZY! But it's good cuz the kids all just play together.

Mike & Joelle said...

Hey Missy! I am way excited that you have a blog, we can be blogging buddies! I use is Adobe Photoshop Elements. I love it and it is way easy. That is exciting you guys are moving back to Utah soon!