Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snake Update : )

I stole this picture from Janel's blog....these are the neighborhood boys who caught one of the snakes from the front of my house. I'm pretty sure that big snake that Jansten is holding is the same one from my front porch!
I haven't seen any more snakes in front of my house : )

Thanks boys, keep up the good work!


Kyle and Janel said...

I seriously can't believe that there are so many snakes. I haven't seen our little pet either and I am glad. How are you liking your new house anyways? Do you love the space? Well I miss seeing you and especially at class, whats up lately? Well talk to you soon since I live like 5 houses away.

Rasmussen Forever said...

Eww!!! Plus a Whew!!! I hope that they are gone for good and that your summer is great! Love and miss you guys.

Meredith said...

all those snakes are really freaky!

cute blog you have here! and very very cute kids! it's fun to see what you've been up to. we look forward to reading more. and ryan looks sooo much like casey!