Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Village Green's Big Backyard

A couple weeks ago we went to the Lauritzen Gardens for the first time. We never knew what we were missing out on all these years! We didn't realize how BIG the gardens were. I guess it's over 100 acres. There was a really cool miniature train track village and there was a fun kid area. Riley and Ryan had a great time!

just a small part of the garden

Riley and daddy by the waterfall

Riley mingling with the wildlife

At the miniature train exhibit

only part of the kid's area

Riley and Ryan loved this part of the kid's area!


Rasmussen Forever said...

That's so much fun! Where is this exactly?

Kyle and Janel said...

We haven't been to the Gardens but everyone says it is awesome! everyone just raves about the kids structure stuff!

BeccaJane said...

This is Becca. I feel I have to clarify cuz Nate leaves comments too!
Anyway, cute pics, it's so pretty there! I need to get out and explore SLC more...I'm lazy and just stick to the usual spots. That was my goal for the branch out....but I have to wait for the constant nausea to calm down before I feel like doing ANYTHING! Poor Cameron! Good thing there is always lots going on just outside our door!

Missy said...

Hey Christie! We live in a townhouse complex called Village Green, and the Lauritzen Gardens are literally right next door to's a really pretty place! You should come out and visit us sometime!

bonnie said...

Sadie loves going to the gardens too!! We will have to walk down there together soon!