Friday, June 13, 2008

SNAKES!! And Cute Kids : )

We found two snakes this morning as Casey was going to work. One of them slithered into a crack on our steps and the other one just kind of froze in our flower garden area. Before today we thought there was just ONE snake that lived under our steps, but who knows how many there are now! The snakes that we saw were big too! I hope they don't have little baby snakes living under our step!
The neighborhood boys were out early trying to catch snakes and so I told them I had two big snakes in front of my house. I left to go and run some errands, and when I got back the boys told me that they had caught one of the snakes....I'm just not sure what they did with it! At least it's gone...for now!

Yesterday the boys were outside in our backyard area catching snakes...I went over to watch them and they had already caught 3 and as I walked over to where they were I saw two big ones slither away into the forest. Who knows how many live in our backyard! I just hope they don't get into our house....I've heard of that happening in Village Green.

Well, that's enough about snakes. Here are some cute pictures I took of the kids early this morning. Riley woke up in an amazingly good mood, and Ryan got an early start on his daily explorations, trying to open my make up bag.


BeccaJane said...

EEEWWWW, I cannot handle snakes (or roaches or mice or anything of that nature). I hope they don't get into your house!!!!
Did you guys get new sofas? They're really nice! You should put makeup on Ryan. I've always wanted to on Cam, but Nate won't let me!! haha

Angie said...

I think it is fun finding peoples blogs. I am glad that you are in our ward now. We have snakes also and I hate them no matter how small.

Rasmussen Forever said...

OMGoodness! I'v got chills now. I hate snakes, but I love the pictures of your kids. Very cute.

The Johnson Family said...

Those snakes are huge! Just seeing those pictures gives me the chills. Nasty! At least you have some neighborhood kids who are enjoying hunting for the snakes. That's always a good thing. Cute pics of the kiddos.