Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back To School

Riley had her first day of school a couple of weeks ago. She was really excited to finally start school again after having all summer off. Riley still has the same teacher as last year, but this year they meet in a different building.

RileySchool,DanceSept2009 031
Riley's new school.

RileySchool,DanceSept2009 008
Riley was excited for her first day of school!

RileySchool,DanceSept2009 018
Cooper getting ready to take Riley to school

Ryan was a little sad after we dropped Riley off. On the ride home he kept on asking "Where's Riley?". He wasn't sure what to do without her. He cheered up a little after we got home and noticed that Riley had left her CD player out. He ran right over to it and started playing with it.
RileySchool,DanceSept2009 021

After playing with it for a few minutes he decided he was bored and told me he wanted to go lay down and take a nap. I guess it's pretty boring without Riley around! He's always happy when it's time to go and pick her up from school.


Sweet Jane said...

That's the biggest reason I want my kids closer they will be great friends! That's so cute that Ryan missed her so much! Soon enough he'll be having fun with Cooper though!

Oliver & Natalie said...

Her little outfit is the CUTEST! I love it! :)

Luv the Hair said...

Hey this is Erica. If you get a chance send me an email so I have your address, and I'd like to get your phone number too so we can hang out and let the kids play since they get along so great together, Cambrie is always wanting to play with Rylee. My email is