Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Week

This week:

We enjoyed the nice, cooler weather by spending lots of time outside:

ZooSept26,2009 040

ZooSept26,2009 034

ZooSept26,2009 045

Riley and Ryan had fun singing at Music Time:
ZooSept26,2009 060

One day we had to wake up early so we could drive Daddy to work!
ZooSept26,2009 066

ZooSept26,2009 102

Riley was excited to wear her cute butterfly clips that her talented Aunt Becca made!
ZooSept26,2009 163

Cooper had fun hangin out with Daddy while Mommy went to Card Night with the girls!
ZooSept26,2009 177

ZooSept26,2009 175

We had a lot of fun playing dress-up!
ZooSept26,2009Ryan 018

ZooSept26,2009Ryan 016

We spotted this little skeleton running around scaring all the neighborhood kids
ZooSept26,2009Ryan 006

Ryan has been telling us that he wants to be Voldemort, a skeleton, a spider, or a ghost for Halloween. We saw this skeleton costume at Walmart and Ryan seemed pretty excited about it so we got it for him for Halloween. When we got home we had him try it on to make sure it would fit. I just laughed when I first saw him in his costume, it was pretty cute. (He didn't really scare the kids...they were all having fun!)

On Saturday we went to the zoo and had so much fun! I'll post some pictures soon!

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Team Harris said...

Cooper is so so cute. I can't believe his chubby legs. Isn't baby chub the best?
I wanted to touch base with you guys about visiting you in a couple weeks with Bekah. Would Monday the 19th work? What time does casey get home from work?
Email me when you get a chance.