Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

On Saturday we went to the zoo. It was nice weather and the kids had a fun time. Riley and Ryan are at fun ages where they both really enjoy looking at and learning about the animals.

ZooSept26,2009 222
This sign is actually pretty accurate :)

ZooSept26,2009 201
Cooper slept most of the time

ZooSept26,2009 198
Watching the cute little otters swimming around

ZooSept26,2009 209
Daddy and Ryan watching the otters

ZooSept26,2009 207
I love her brown eyes!

ZooSept26,2009 230
Having fun

ZooSept26,2009 271

Cooper woke up while the kids were riding on the carousel

ZooSept26,2009 280

ZooSept26,2009 292
Going to the zoo with Daddy is so much fun!

ZooSept26,2009 303
This is one of my favorite pictures. I like her cute little crooked smile.


Oliver & Natalie said...

Cute! Looks like you guys had a good time! :) The Omaha Zoo is the best zoo I've ever been too!

Sweet Jane said...

So how did you make your blog header...and how did you make your pictures bigger?
So fun, we miss you guys! And Happy Birthday (a tad late!).

Missy said...

Becca, I got the header from Cutest Blog on the Block. I just used a photo editing program to add our name and I also added a few graphics.
Haven't you used bigger pictures on your blog before? I thought I remember you doing that?! I think there are a lot of different ways to make pictures bigger, but I just use flickr to save my pictures that I want and then when I make a new post on blogger I click on html and then I copy and paste the picture code from flickr. Did that make sense? Probably not, haha! Try doing a google search...I bet you'll find some good ways to do it!

Natalie said...

Missy- your kids are getting so big and Cooper is a little chunk. Your photos of the zoo make me really homesick for Omaha. Hope everything is going well!

Kyle and Janel said...

I love the zoo! Looks like fun. oh and also I think Rylee's brown eyes are totally gorgeous too! So cute!

bonnie and tyler said...

Seriously could your kids get any cuter!? By the way...I hope you had a great birthday!!!

Sweet Jane said...

Yeah Missy, I learned how awhile back, but it was sort of a process and something I didn't want to do for every single post.