Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Sun Before the Storm

It's crazy  the difference just one day can make. Yesterday we played outside in the sun for a couple hours and then this morning we looked outside and saw tons of snow everywhere!

Ryan and Cooper getting ready for our walk

I pushed the boys in the stroller and Riley rode her bike. She had fun coasting down this little hill.

As soon as Ryan saw the playground he jumped out of the stroller and ran down the hill.

Cooper had fun watching his brother and sister play

Here's Ryan flying down the slide

And there he goes back up

It was cute watching Ryan push Riley in the swing.

It's crazy just how fast the weather can change:



When the kids saw the snow they got all excited and asked Casey if it was Christmas. Riley started looking around for presents. We had to explain to her that we still had to wait quite awhile for Christmas to be here.


Sweet Jane said...

Good thing your Dad came when he did!!
I LOVE that picture of Ryan 'flying' down the slide, soo cute! I miss your cutie kids!

Oliver & Natalie said...

Seeing pictures of village green makes me miss Omaha! Love your pictures... they're always sooo cute!