Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Eyes...and Red Hair?

I just took these pictures of Cooper yesterday. When I took the pictures I had opened up the door and opened the blinds to let in some natural light. The lighting made his eyes look really blue, and it also gave a red tint to his hair! I've noticed this before in a few pictures, but I wasn't sure if that meant that he really had some red in his doesn't look red in person, just in pictures. I guess we'll see as he gets older if he keeps some of that red! I think it's adorable!

The lighting in this picture made his eyes look really blue

This is the face he gives me when I'm trying to get him to look at the camera!

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Becca Jane said...

HAHA, that bottom picture is totally a "Wood Face"! Nate makes it all the time! So cute! That would be fun if he had some red in his hair!!!