Friday, December 18, 2009

Riley's Christmas Program

Yesterday Riley had a Christmas program at her school. She had been so excited about it all month. She did a great job and it was so fun to watch her and her cute little classmates.

Riley played the part of the Star.

Holding the star up high! She did a great job :)

Here she is after the play

After the play the kids changed out of their costumes and sang some Christmas songs.

She looked at me a lot throughout the program. I could tell she was so excited to have us there watching her and her friends.

Here's the class singing Jingle Bells. I think this was their favorite song! They were so cute!

Riley and her friend Anna.

Riley and Miss Katie

Cooper was such a good boy during the program. He liked watching all the kids sing!

After Riley's program we took the kids to see Santa! I'll put some pictures up soon!

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Henry & Becky Williams said...

She is the best "STAR" I love her poses!! The expression of her face looking at you is PRICELESS!!!