Monday, December 21, 2009


After Riley's Christmas Program we took the kids to see Santa. They were so excited to see him! I thought Ryan might be a little nervous, but he did great! This was the cutest Santa I've ever seen. He was so nice, and the kids loved him!

Riley asked Santa for a pink guitar and Ryan asked him for Harry Potter (I'm not sure exactly what he wants...I need to figure that out fast!!).

You can see how excited Ryan was in this picture. It was really cute!

All the kids with Santa.

When we were done seeing Santa, we took the kids to the playground.

That's Riley jumping off the mushroom, and Ryan is playing on the bridge in the back. They had a fun time!

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Kyle and Janel said...

That is a pretty cute looking Santa! The best looking one around if you ask me. But good job for your kids and sitting with Santa!