Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aunt Megan

My kids loved playing with Megan and Preston while we were in Utah. They are so great with the kids! Riley and Ryan are always asking me when they can play with Aunt Megan again!

Megan made up a game called Blast Off :) They loved it!


Hehehe :) Riley loved it so much she even taught it to her new friend during Primary, lol.

We love you Aunt Megan! :)


Becca Jane said...

Oh what a cute game!!!

I have been thinking lately that I should do a post about Miss Megan too....she's such a big part of her neices and nephew's lives, I love it! I should remember to use my blog to teach my kids about their family members they grew up with.

Cami and Dustin said...

Awww, I love Megan too! She is so cute, I like that last picture of her winking, hehe! :)

aunt wee said...

It's cause meggie is still a baby herself!!! That's why we love her.