Friday, July 23, 2010


While we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Taylor we got to go camping! Riley had so much fun. She loved it! I think one of the things she will remember most about camping is how she and her cousins set a trap to try and catch a chipmunk. They had the trap out all day and at the end of the day they finally caught a chipmunk! Poor thing...but don't worry they let him go and he wasn't hurt (besides being emotionally scarred for life, haha).

Here is our awesome tent that we slept in. It was actually pretty comfy!

Ryan wasn't feeling the best, but he still had a fun time!

Cooper liked playing around in the tent.

After we got settled in, Casey took  the kids and showed them how to shoot the slingshot.

They had a lot of fun shooting rocks into the river!

Casey helped Riley and Ryan cook their hot dogs for dinner.

 I think the kids would love to go camping again! It will take me a little more convincing, haha :) I'm glad the kids had a fun time!

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