Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ok, so I am WAY behind on my blogging! I still have so many pictures I wanted to share from our Utah/Colorado trip last month but I have been super busy with my Lily Puff Designs blog. I have been doing a total makeover on that blog and it is taking up a lot of time! I finally finished my new header a few days ago. You should check it out and tell me what you think! I am going to start offering custom blog designs in September so I'm getting excited to get my little business going!


It was pretty hot in Utah and so the kids spent a lot of time swimming in my parent's backyard. I think Riley could have stayed out there all day if we let her! Ryan and Cooper had a really fun time, too.

Here's Cooper getting ready for some serious swim time :)

He didn't play as long as the other kids but he sure had a fun time!

They love playing with their cousins!

He liked playing with the cup but he kept on trying to drink the water, haha.
I love my little water babies!

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