Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cooper and Riley

Riley just finished her first week of Kindergarten and she is loving it! I think it's been a bigger adjustment for me than it is for her. I really miss her during the day! I thought she'd be tired after spending all day at school, but right when she gets home she starts asking me if she can go to her friends house to play. That girl has so much energy! I have some pictures from her first day of school that I'll put up soon. For now I wanted to post these pics of Riley and Cooper from the other day.

Cooper loves being outside!

My little sweetheart!

Cooper just makes me smile every time I look at him.


My Everythings said...

That second picture of Riley is adorable! I just read about horrible. :( I'm sorry to hear that.
My camera is an Olympus E-420. I love it!!!!!
Did Casey tell you about how I ran into Bonnie today? Small, small world.

Eli, Trieste, and The Gals said...

BEAUTIFUL blue eyes Cooper has! And Riley's hair is so long and pretty!