Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Time!

The kids are getting so excited for Christmas! It snowed this past week and so the kids were asking if it was Christmas Eve yet. On Tuesday we put up our Christmas tree. Putting up Christmas decorations is just so fun and it brings such a good feeling to the home.

Ryan was excited to try out his new boots in the snow.

My cute little boys!

Of course I had to include pictures of the kitties! They are just so cute. Mei is such a patient kitty. She is so good with the kids!

Michiko looks like a wild kitty in this picture.

Here are some pictures of Casey and the kids putting up the Christmas tree. They had a fun time!

1 comment:

Mal said...

You know what I love.... How Ryan and Cooper NEVER have pants on. :) its awesome!
I love the way Cooper carries the cat, it reminds me of meg when she was little.