Monday, December 13, 2010

Riley's Christmas Program

On Friday Riley had her Christmas program at school. The zoo kindergarten class got to spend the whole day at the elementary school. Riley was excited to stay at  the "big school" all day.
Casey was able to get some time off work so he could come to the program. It was so fun to have our whole family there.
Riley and the other kindergartners did a good job. They are so cute!

All the kindergartners. Riley is in the front row on the far right. She was so cute!

When Riley finally found us in the crowd she got the biggest smile on her face! Here the kids are singing "It Must Be Santa."

This was after the program. It was kinda long...Ryan was worn out :) 

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Amanda Jane said...

I had a better view of Riley than Scarlett! I need to go through my pictures still. If I have some of Riley I'll e-mail them to you. But I think I'm going to copy that first picture with all of the kids.