Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Faster You Run...

This picture was taken a couple hours after Riley had a pretty good wipeout. If you've seen her run you'd know that she loves to run as fast as she can. Well, this means that when she falls, she falls pretty hard.
 She scraped up her knees, elbows, hands, nose, and forehead, and she had a bloody nose. I was actually really surprised at how much she was bleeding...she left a puddle of blood on the sidewalk where she fell. I never thought I'd have wash off a puddle of my child's blood from the sidewalk with a hose!
She was pretty shaken up, but she still wanted to play outside a little while after she fell.

Here's another picture of her nose. She's going to have a big scab on her nose for a while!

On Monday she had fun telling her teacher and friends at school about her wipeout.

A couple more pics from last week:
all the kids together

Riley and Grandma

Cooper sure loves his Grandpa!


Chelsea and Cody said...

O man...that looks like it was a killer crash! I am sure she will forget about it and be back to running like Dash in no time! I love the pic of Cooper and Grandpa-so cute.

bunchocoffeys said...

What a wipeout! She's gonna be a track star like her momma. ;)

Kasie said...

That picture of Cooper and Gary is soooooo cute! Love the pictures!

bonnie and tyler said...

Isn't it funny how they love to tell and show their scrapes and bruises to EVERONE? Even the cashier at the store...Sadie recently fell off her bike and scraped up her leg. It is so sad when they get hurt. I didn't have to clean up blood though...ew!

Becca Jane said...

I used Riley's little owies to remind Cam why we wear a helmet. He said, "Oh, poor Riley." Cam was riding barefoot a few weeks ago and scraped his toe (another lesson learned!), he wishes he could show Riley his owie too.

Feel better soon Pretty Riley!

Cute pictures. I wish Ryan and Cam could hang out in their cute plaid shorts.