Monday, April 5, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa

On Thursday I got a huge surprise when I walked upstairs and saw my dad's truck parked out in front of our house. I can't believe no one told me my parents were coming to visit us! I was so excited to see them. The kids were pretty excited too!

Here are the kids with Grandma and Grandpa just a few minutes after they got to our house.

Riley, Ryan, and Cooper each got a  Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa. Cooper was so cute to watch. He had a fun time going through his basket. He really liked the plastic eggs.

Mom's birthday was on Saturday and so we had a little party for her. I was so glad we were able to spend her birthday with her.

Here's the birthday girl with her grandbabies.

After Grandma's birthday party we went down to the playground for the Village Green Easter egg hunt.

Here's Ryan getting some eggs.

Cooper got some eggs, too!

Here's the kids with the eggs they found. They had a fun time!

I was so glad we got to spend Easter with my parents. I enjoyed watching General Conference with them and  I had fun shopping with my dad and playing Boggle with my mom. Actually, I pretty much got my butt kicked in Boggle...I can never beat my mom, haha!
I have lots more pictures, so I'll put some more up soon!
I hope everyone had a great Easter!


Chelsea and Cody said...

What a fun surprise! Your parents look like they are just amazing, genuine people! Glad that they could visit.

Becca Jane said...

Yay! They brought our Easter stuff on Wednesday on their way out! Riley & Roo would look cute in their matching pink polos!!

Kasie said...

Super cute - I love the pictures of the egg hunt! I can't wait until my little bug can hunt for eggs!

My Everythings said...

What an AWESOME surprise! I like the boys' matching shorts. Very cute.

Erica said...

Lucky! I wish I could get my parents to come and visit us, I highly doubt they'll ever show up unexpected, that is just awesome. I have some stuff for your hair. I'll just bring it by sometime it's actually a shampoo so you can do it yourself.