Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Week

Cooper had fun trying out his new sippy cup.
Here's Riley showing him how to use it.
Poor little buddy :(  He has been so sick  the past couple of days. He had a Dr's appt Wednesday and he had a fever of 102. He's had a hard time, but I think he's starting to feel better.
Cooper had fun playing outside on Wednesday. This was his first time riding in the buggy.
Even though Ryan was sick, he still wanted to dress up as Zelda.
He was showing Cooper some sweet Zelda moves.
Cooper loves to play with his big brother. It's cute watching them play together.
I took Riley shopping with me on Wednesday and I got her a new bunny and this cute yellow shirt. It was fun to have some girl time with my little sweety!

I love my little buddies. They are so much fun!


Becca Jane said...

Oh my heavens, your boys are hilarious. Both of them! I can't get over Cooper's rolls....and cutie Ryan all dressed up. So funny!

the heiner family said...

I miss that pose by the front door! It looks like you all are doing so well! Miss you guys!

Zechs said...

How many rolls does he have!!! I love them. I love seeing my two little boys playing also!