Monday, March 1, 2010

Zoo Fun and Sunday Activities

On Saturday we went to the zoo. Since it is still pretty cold outside we took the kids inside to the Desert Dome and then we went down the the Kingdoms of the Night to see the bats and alligators. Ryan loves going to the zoo now. He gets so excited about everything and loves to explore. He was pretending that the "Zelda" worms were jumping out of the sand and he had to shoot them with his bow and arrows.
Riley was a little scared to go down the the Kingdoms of the Night exhibit, but she wanted to see the "Stellaluna" bats. She said she likes the Stellaluna bats {fruit bats} but she doesn't like Vampire bats because they suck your blood.

Touching the desert sand.

Here's Ryan telling us all about the worms jumping out of the sand.

Riley looking at the "mean kitty". It was hissing at her.

Riley wanted to get a picture by the cactus. She loves them. She even checked out a cactus book at the Library :)
Cooper liked looking at all the animals.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Some Sunday Activities:
At church Casey took Ryan through a "secret passage way" {he just cut through the back of the chapel to get to the other side of the church} and so of course when we got home Ryan wanted Casey to help him make his own secret passage way.

Cooper got right in there and played with Riley and Ryan. He loves playing with them!


Mal said...

I love my nephews and niece! They are so adorable! I love the sundays when you can just have fun and play with the kids!

Megan Wood said...

I laughed so hard when i saw the picture of Riley looking at the "mean Kitty" haha... it was hissing at her :)

I remember the good old days when we all used to build forts! and play animals and stuff.. oh man i cant wait to see you guys again! i miss and love you!

PS i love how big Cooper is... rolls and rolls :)