Friday, March 5, 2010

Play Time

March has been great so far with lots of sun and 40 degree weather. It's nice to finally see the 3 feet of snow in front of our house start to melt away! I'm excited for Spring to get here and for the weather to be nice enough to take the kids outside. It will be fun to push Cooper around in the little buggy we got for Ryan when he was little.
Well until the weather get's nicer we'll just have to stick to our indoor play time. Here are some pics from the this week.

Ryan is looking so much older! He is growing up so fast!

Cooper was looking at Ryan in this picture. He just loves him so much!

Riley accessorizing with some sweet stickers.

Here's a pic with all the kids together. Riley was being a kitty and Ryan was telling me all about the Zelda monsters.

Cute & chubby :)


Becca Jane said...

I love Cooper's hair! It's getting long! And that cracks me up where he's sitting on the kitchen floor.....looks like he can barely move his chubby arms, hilarious!!!

So I've been thinking....which JM song did you not like? Was it Daughters? Cuz I can't stand that song.... not even a little bit. But check out some of the links on my blog in that post, and see if you like those any better. (It's okay if you don't, I'm not trying to convert you, haha!)

Tamara Nicole said...

Your fam is soooo cute! :-)

Mal said...

I love that Riley put stars on her face!!!! ahahahhhaha. LOVE IT! Tell her to put some on her hips and she can be like Aunt Mal! lol j/k. Ryan is getting soooo big! oh I miss them!

Erica said...

Isn't it so great that the snow if finally starting to melt. Let me know when you go to the zoo next we'd totally come along.